May 21


Huawei’s Record Growth Despite US Sanctions

On Tuesday 31st December 2019, Huawei has reported about their resilient revenue for the year as this Chinese technology team is continuing to expand despite of the prolonged American campaign against their business.

However, they assume that the expansion will probably be more challenging from the next year. The rotating chairman of Huawei named Eric Xu in a New Year message wrote to his employees that the revenue of the company had got $122 billion in 2019 which was a newer record for the Chinese company, besides, there were an increment of about 18% over 2018.

He also said that globally Huawei is the 2nd largest maker of the smartphone and had sold around 240 million handsets in 2019 which is more than 206 million from the previous year. Those figures were lower than their initial projections, but still, the business remained solid and they stood very strong in front of adversity.

Eric XU also acknowledged that the Huawei is now confronting a long-term and strategic campaign against the business by US government. If the campaign prevails for a long time, then it would build more difficult ambient for this 32-year-old company to thrive and survive. Eric Xu mentioned that their survival would be the most important priority in 2020.

This year, the US added the Huawei to the trade blacklist of the Commerce Department as well as placed more restrictions on the ability to sell and to maintain the commercial relations with the US companies.

The US government also has urged the allies to not to use the Huawei products in creating the following generation of the telecom networking infrastructure and also alleged that the Chinese firm poses a great threat to the national security.


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