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The Benefits of Establishing a Work Uniform for Focused Success

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May 22, 2023

Almost all of us begin our day with a routine, a fraction of which is spent choosing the best outfit to wear. When we’re dressed well, we feel our best, and therefore we are that much more confident at work, and in ourselves.

We may own a diverse selection of work attire but repeatedly gravitate toward our few favorite pieces, usually because of the way they make us feel, or the great way they fit. We spend time looking for our favorite shirt, looking for that one pair of pants out of our whole selection that fits the best. When one of those elements is missing, it can throw off your entire day. We all have that one power outfit in our closet that we save for big presentations or days with meetings- why not have a closet full of power outfits?

Imagine an entire day’s worth of great ideas and energy ready to be successfully executed, all hindered because your concentration is compromised over the uncomfortable fit of your pants, a poorly tailored suit, or a shirt you don’t quite like but was the only clean one left in the closet? Ali Habib Mayar, CEO of Platinum Rapid Funding Group remedies this problem with one simple solution: “the work uniform.”

Mr. Mayar states: “What I do, and I encourage all my employees and colleagues to do, is to stop focusing on clothing, and start focusing on comfort and confidence, by giving yourself a uniform that allows you to get dressed on cruise-control and let the most important things that shape your day take precedence.”

He emphasizes that clothing should be the last thing we focus on, and that when it comes to his colleagues and employees, he could care less if they wore the same black suit every day, so long as they look professional and clean.

Ali Mayar embraces the idea of buying in bulk when you find what you love. Once you find that power suit, or those perfect pants, buy it in every color, and at least 2-3 pairs in black- you can never go wrong with a good pair of black pants or a classic black suit.

Same idea applies to shirts. If you love the fit of a certain top or work shirt, get it in all the colors you’d feel comfortable wearing. Be mindful as well of cut and shape. If you typically don’t like the way you look or feel in a certain style or color, then get rid of those items, and don’t buy those kinds of styles or colors again. Approximately 12 work shirts that seamlessly mix and match with pants, suits, blazers and shoes should be more than enough to get through until laundry day, without ever feeling like laundry day is approaching.

Mr. Mayar stresses, “If you don’t wear it, someone else will be happy to. The keyword here is donate- if you haven’t wanted to wear or worn an item of clothing in over 6 months, let it go. If you haven’t worn it by now, you’re never going to wear it.”

You should be able to wake up and look in your closet, pick a shirt and pick a pair of pants without a question or a doubt that you will look good or feel good in that outfit. If getting dressed is not that simple, then start purging items, and replacing them with “power” pieces. Save that your energy in the morning for great ideas, and getting work done; not what you’re going to wear.

To learn more about Ali Habib Mayar, check out his personal website or go to to learn more about his company online.


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