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Why Real Estate Mentoring is Important (2023)

According to the National Association of Realtors, the number of real estate agents in the United States is up six percent in 2018 and currently amounts to 1.3 million.

Although this growth has a lot to do with the increasing property values and a booming economy, people’s passion for real estate is unquestionable.

In fact, it is one of the most appealing sectors that many young people are curious about.

Well, this gives rise to a number of mentoring opportunities for those who have experience as real estate agents. Just consider how easy it would be to find young individuals who are in need of formal guidance before entering the workforce.

But what exactly are the benefits of becoming a real estate mentor for those who may already have packed schedules?

Steering the Generation of Future Leaders
As cliché as it may sound, the younger generations are indeed the future leaders in every market. This is because they will be the ones who will continue to navigate the field after seasoned veterans retire. Well, in order to help them obtain the knowledge that is needed to be successful, mentors can help shape them into future leaders. This is done by teaching them about the underlying principles of real estate that may not be showcased in school. Just consider, for instance, the importance of politics in every large organization, per se, and how they affect young realtors.

Witnessing Unprecedented Innovation
It is no secret that the vast majority of innovative ideas originate in the minds of younger generations according to Eduard J. de Guardiola. After all, they are the ones who were raised in the modern era where they were constantly exposed to a lot of state-of-the-art resources and forward-thinking tools. Thus, they will be the ones to deliver new ideas that may change the way that things operate. Just think about, for example, how young the brilliant minds of people like Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs were when they developed their companies. Well, by mentoring the up-and-coming generations, people can witness the innovation first-hand by working alongside those who may invent new assets later on.

Giving Back to the Community
The key reason why a lot of realtors decide to mentor people boils down to their desire to give back to the community. How so? Well, mentoring is almost always done free of charge and operates on a volunteering basis. That means that the realtors will receive no tangible form of compensation for their efforts. Thus, the most obvious incentive is self-fulfillment and the desire to help those who may not be in a position to learn otherwise. Luckily, according to the CEO of Vista Realty Partners, Eduard J. de Guardiola, there are hundreds of ways for realtors to connect with prospective mentees. These include things like local gatherings, online databases, and much more.

Improving Leadership Skills
Even though one of the goals of mentoring is to help people become leaders, mentors themselves will polish their leadership skills. Just consider, for instance, how most relationships of this nature work. First, mentors must establish their credibility and become a formidable presence in the lives of their mentees. Then, they must provide leadership as they enter the field of real estate and face some common challenges. Thus, a very frequent byproduct is going to be a noticeable improvement in the leadership skills for both parties involved.

Remaining Involved with Real Estate
Ultimately, Eduard J. de Guardiola reminds that a lot of professionals begin mentoring when they retire and leave their practice. The reason why is the fact that they now have a plethora of extra time. Moreover, mentoring allows them to remain involved in their industry even when they are not directly connected to it. Doing so gives them an opportunity to take full advantage of their professional relationships and pass them on to their mentees. As a consequence, the younger realtors will be in a position to jump-start their career effortlessly and begin a series of successful ventures.


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